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Tax Planning and Returns

Don’t feel like you have to go to your CPAs office and meet face to face in order to have a powerful strategy session. We consult with clients across the country and with the phone, fax, email, screen sharing, and FedEx© or UPS©, we have a major impact on clients without meeting them in person. We have helped clients for years saving them thousands in taxes and helped them to build significant wealth with strategic planning. Hourly rates range from $150-$400 per hour.


Personal Tax Returns

Communication and planning during the tax return preparation service is the bedrock of our K&E CPA’s dedication to its clients. Not only do we strive to prepare the most accurate tax return to prevent questions and an audit from the IRS, or State taxing agency, we implement our proprietary 25 point checklist to try and save you as much as possible in taxes. Personal Tax Returns start at $800, yet additional forms, transactions or bookkeeping can increase the cost. Please call for a quote.


Business Tax Returns

Business Returns start at $1200.


Accounting & Bookkeeping

Sandy Beauchamp, the Manager of our Accounting Services Department, has built an incredible team of accountants that understand QuickBooks© backwards and forwards. They help clients daily around the country build and maintain their books so they can save money, taxes, and make better decisions in their businesses. We even have a QuickBooks training video series to help you do as much on your own as possible to maintain your books and save you money everywhere you possibly can.


Payroll Services

Our Payroll Services team makes payroll easy and affordable so you can have a consolidated approach to one-stop shopping for all of your tax and accounting needs. We are just as competitive in pricing and services as you might see at Paychex© or Gusto©, yet you know all of your records are under one roof and one simple phone call away. We serve clients and their payroll needs in any state and can give you a quote specific to your specific situation.